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MagEZ Car Mount Lite




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A MagSafe compatible car mount that securely holds your phone in place while you drive.

  • Strong magnetic attachment
  • Snap your iPhone 12/13 or S22 using a MagEZ Case 2 to the car mount
  • Co-molding technique
  • Aramid fiber and TPU combined
  • Car vent and suction cup versions are available

MagEZ Car Mount Lite

The MagSafe Car Mount Holds Your Phone Securely in Place While You Drive.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite

Strong MagSafe Connection.

Conveniently attach your smartphone to the MagSafe car mount with a single hand for a secure hold while traveling.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite

Innovative Co-molding Technique.

By combining aramid fiber and TPU, the MagSafe car mount has a textured surface that helps keep your phone held firmly in place.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite

An Ultra-Streamlined Aesthetic.

The car mount not only works good but looks good. With an upgraded sleek design and the unique aramid fiber weave, it offers style and easily fits into your cool vehicle.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite
MagEZ Car Mount Lite

Secure Attachment

The smart hook system has stabilising grooves on both sides to firmly hook onto different car vents for a balance and sturdy mount.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite

Strong Suction Force.

Lock the mount in place on your dash with the suction cup and dashboard pad*.

*For Suction Cup model only.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite
MagEZ Car Mount Lite MagEZ Car Mount Lite