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Gear up your life with materials and designs from PITAKA.


What is PitaGear?

PitaGear consists of various gears made from premium materials and features ingenious design and minimalist style, aiming to simplify your life from every aspect.


Premium Materials

Every piece of PitaGear is crafted from premium materials, including military-grade aramid fiber and carbon fiber. Those composite materials are durable yet lightweight, ideal for making cases and other gear that we carry daily. Sometimes we will blend those hard materials with others such as stainless steel, leather, Nylon, zinc alloy, etc., to make products that look good and work well.

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Minimalist Design

We make some of the lightest and thinnest gear in the world. But that’s not all. Everything we design, we consider how to make it easy to use, solve some real-life problems, and help people do more with less.

What is PITAKA minimalism?

Apple Watch Accessories

Effortlessly level up the style of your Apple Watch.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

All links are made from uniquely fine-weave 1K carbon fiber.

Air Case for Apple Watch

Crafted from aerospace-grade aramid fiber that’s lightweight, scratch-resistant, and highly durable.


AirPods Accessories

We have a series of aramid fiber cases for every AirPods model to offer protection and style without interfering with any functionality of those buds.


Wallets & Card Sleeves

Carrying your cards is a breeze.

Dec. 2016

MagEZ Wallet

World’s first modular wallet made from lightweight and durable carbon fiber.

Sep. 2017

MagEZ Wallet UE

A modular wallet that can hold both chip and magnetic strip cards.

Oct. 2020

MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

A compact kit for electronic essentials, cards, and more.

Mar. 2021

MagEZ Wallet 2

The modular carbon fiber wallet with magnetic functionality to work with PITAKA MagEZ 2.0 system.

May. 2021

MagEZ Card Sleeve 2

Attaches to the PITAKA MagEZ 1.0 Case series for on-the-go card storage.

Jul. 2021

MagEZ Wallet 2 Pro

A slim MagSafe compatible wallet for chip and strip cards.

Nov. 2021

MagEZ Card Sleeve 3

Attaches to PITAKA MagEZ 2.0 Case series for on-the-go card storage.

Air Case for Phones

One of the slimmest phone cases in the world to maintain the beautiful silhouette of your phone.

Air Case Air Case

Air Case

It’s the thinnest case we’ve ever built. Air Case is crafted from 600D aramid fiber, featuring a luxuriously smooth-textured touch. It offers protection and style without adding bulk.

Fusion Weaving Air Case Fusion Weaving Air Case

Fusion Weaving Air Case

The case keeps a minimalist style but with colorful and beautiful patterns woven from our new technique Fusion Weaving. Easily experience luxury at your fingertips while styling up your phone.

PITAKA Wireless Chargers

Charging should be effortless. We keep working on kinds of wireless charges to give you the best possible charging experience. We hope we can help you “eliminate” unnecessary actions to charge your device.


Air Essential Discontinued

Built to make positioning your phone to charge a breeze.

Air Tray Discontinued

A wireless charging pad and a storage box combined.


Air Quad Discontinued

A 4-in-1 charging station that helps organize your things.


Air Omni/Air Omni Lite

A 6-in-1 charging station that can handle iOS and Android devices.


MagEZ Slider

A compact multi-device wireless charging dock with MagSafe and Qi charging compatibility.


Power Dongle for Apple Watch

An MFi-certified wireless charging dongle for all Apple Watch models with a magnetic lid.


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MagEZ Card Sleeve


Power Dongle for Apple Watch

$306.00 $340.00

Air Pal Shells for AirPods Max

$382.00 $471.00